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About us


In 2011, recently separated with a 14 month-old baby, cycling became an outlet and a refuge for me during those long days without my daughter. Always a fashion and style lover, I’ve decided to bring both my passions together and created my first cycling wear collection for women.

My goal? That every woman can find a great outfit that while being performing also makes them feel great and beautiful on wheels, all that at an affordable price and without neglecting quality! The cycling fashionistas' dream! I believe I have lived up to my personal challenge and it is now my pleasure to introduce JolieRide Co., a company which I am very proud of.

I had a lot of fun designing my first collections showcasing my playful side and inspired by trends I love but couldn't find enough of. Cause there is no such thing as too much polka dots! I am very excited to finally present these collections.

From me to you,



It has been important from the beginning that JolieRide be an engaged company. We proudly contribute to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie (team RBC), the Breakfast Club of Canada, the Mères avec Pouvoir Foundation, and Change 1's Life, to name a few.


Far from being perfect, we try our best to adopt daily environment friendly actions like reducing as much as possible usage of plastics, and choosing recycled envelopes, and compostable paper. Also, we are proud to be a carbon neutral enterprise. 

All our clothes are produced in adult-only employed factories and in decent conditions.