What to wear when cross-country skiing during winter?


When a friend of mine says she wants to come cross-country skiing with me, I often laugh when she arrives. Why’s that? Well, she’s way too overdressed for what we’re about to do and I know how much she’ll suffer from the heat once we get on the tracks. In the spirit, I’ve decided to prepare a list of clothes to wear if ever you also wish to give cross-country skiing a try this winter!

Wear a good base of layering clothing:

In truth, it’s weather dependent. You might wear them or not. When in doubt, think of it like fall fashion, it’s all about layering which makes it easier when you need to add or take off a layer if needed. You’ll feel warmer than you would think when going cross-country skiing. I would always shiver for about 5 minutes when I get on the track, then I would sweat like crazy. I am not even exaggerating!

For ideas, I suggest:

women cross country skiing
credit: ​​Jimmy Hamelin

A windbreaker is perfect for a warmer day or to use as an underlayer on a very very cold day.

Wear a jacket according to the current weather:

The Bellevue Jacket: When going cross-country skiing, this is THE coat you will need.


The Echo Nylon: This windbreaker is perfect for a warmer day or to use as an underlayer on a very very cold day. In addition, you could wear it pretty much for any winter sports!

Wear appropriate pants:

The Beech Pants: We love these pants as they have a protective shell at the front and a stretch fabric at the back. Perfectly designed for any active women who love winter sports!

Wear that extra layer for those who are always cold:

The Sommet Vest:

It’s the perfect jacket to wear as a top layer during colder days. It will allow you to not only keep you warm, but it will make your clothes breathable by evacuating the heat, because no, I would never wear my winter parka when I’m out cross-country skiing!

And what about the winter hat?

The Balade Beanie: This final touch is simply PERFECT. For you head, I would recommend a headband, however this tuque that has a whole especially designed for a ponytail is pretty ideal for cross-country skiing.

And there you have it! Have fun cross-country skiing!

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