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How cycling became and still is a passion in my life

Woman on stationary bike

I'm not an elite cyclist, I'm not a triathlete either… What makes me a JolieRide ambassador is my passion for cycling.

I started teaching spinning classes in fitness centers when I was 18 and I still keep the same passion for teaching day after day. Over the years, I became an engineer, an athlete and a mom, but never abandoned my passion. I even now teach live from my basement! I love surpassing myself and teaching others how to do it as well. I have always loved sharing my passion with those who wish to train while having fun.

Over time, one thing leading to another, I got into road cycling, and loved the social aspect of these outings. I then started mountain biking, where my agility, adrenaline and desire to compete surfaced. I just loved doing cross country races and participating in RAIDs. Unfortunately, following a major concussion, I had to quit this sport as it involved too many risks and compromised my health. One day, during an appointment, my neurologist strongly recommended that I stop any extreme sport that could have an influence on my epilepsy (because yes, I am epileptic).

Even with twins, cycling remains a passion for me

With the birth of my twins, Thule trailer-style outings became a must, however, I considered drivers to be a little too dangerous, which made me switched to   gravel biking. Riding gravel tracks all over the province of Quebec seemed like a safer option for me and for the occupants of the Thule trailer!

I love surpassing myself and teaching others how to do it as well.

I now enjoy my passion even during the winter season!

I also tried fatbiking, and absolutely loved this winter sport that allowed me to practice a winter outdoor activity without freezing! I am often cold, so being in the forest, sheltered from the wind, working hard to stay on 2 wheels while climbing and crisscrossing magnificent trails allowed me to appreciate this sport even more.

In short, I think I have covered everything related to cycling, and regardless of the season, I love this sport with passion, and even more with my JolieRide clothes! Now I just have to try aqua spinning, but not until Jolie Ride starts producing swimsuits!