Cycling while Pregnant: How Can I Make it Work?


When you’ve always led an athletic lifestyle and become pregnant, we immediately wonder if we will be able to continue being active, especially to what extent. In truth, there is no right answer and above all, it varies from one woman to another and even in pregnancies altogether. Personally, I found my first trimester to be the most strenuous. I had morning sickness everyday. Let’s just say, I’d rather spend my days lying on the couch rather than go out and be active. However things took a turn during my second trimester, I suddenly regained my energy. And today, I wanted to write about my experience with you all.

1) Choose an activity according to your new pregnant physical capacity: cycling is a great option

When I started my second trimester and wanted to be more active, that happened right in the middle of winter. One may say it might not be the optimal season to go on a bike ride, however being a fervent Zwift enthusiast myself, I knew right away I could get back on my faithful steed. Safe to say, we became besties. With my growing belly, I found several activities being restrictive being in this condition. I still did a lot of cross-country skiing, however I always felt constricted and feared I would wether fall or not being able to go as fast as I once did before my pregnancy. Being on my bike, in my basement, on Zwift, there was only me and myself. I biked like I wanted, without fear. Furthermore, Zwift offers a wide array of sessions, so I could get a full workout in 30 minutes!

Credit: Flo Karr​​

I biked like I wanted, without fear.

2) Your sitting posture won’t be the same when preganant

Dear god, leaning over my handlebars was not as easy now graced with a pregnant belly and all! Indeed, I was happy to be on a very stable trainer since it also allowed me to stand more upright by giving the baby space instead of trapping him. Hence, I did find that stationary biking was a godsend for that!

3) And JolieRide?

Yes, I could’ve kept wearing the same clothes as before my pregnancy, however I opted to go one size larger in terms of comfort around the belly area. I would normally wear a size XS, but in this case, my pants were size Small and they were super comfortable. Highly recommend!

Any questions?

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