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Emilie Marsolais

Emilie Marsolais

MEET OUR  ambassador

Road cycling or mountain biking?

Why be a JolieRide brand ambassador?
Because JolieRide is a Quebec and inclusive clothing line that speaks to all women, regardless of their caliber. The clothes are high performance (my #1 choice for long rides!) and comfortable, while being super flattering and feminine (I get compliments every time I ride!). JolieRide celebrates the beauty of women of all ages, of all types of physiognomy. And also because the founder of this wonderful company, Marie-Amélie, is an inspiring, authentic and admirable woman, for whom I have the greatest respect. The heart on the hand, and very intuitive! 

Where is your favorite place to ride?
The island of Mallorca, Spain. This is biking heaven! 

The song title that motivates you for a ride?
Depending on the type of virtual training, I choose a pace that will favor the targeted area. I like Frank Ocean, Kanye West and 2Pac, DRAMA, among others. On the road, on the other hand, my ears lend themselves to my partners and remain on the lookout, safety obliges. 

Your funniest bike story?
People still laugh at me for the few times I left forgetting to put on my helmet! Long outings are always full of adventures, I’m thinking of the Mtl-Ottawa round trip this year, 400 km of cycling in 13h, from the hailstorm to the spill of cheese curds, it makes for great stories to tell on the way back!

Emilie Marsolais​​