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Élisa Piscollo

Élisa Piscollo

MEET OUR  ambassador

Road cycling or mountain biking?
Right now, I’m very much into mountain biking! But I have my road bike moments from time to time. 

Why be a JolieRide brand ambassador?
Because the clothes, in addition to being very beautiful, are ultra comfortable! The colors are perfect! Because it’s a Quebec company and the president-founder is wonderful!

Where is your favorite place to ride? 
Everywhere in the province of Quebec! As a family, we participate in mountain bike races and that allows us to ride lots of courses! Empire 47 near Quebec city is one of my favorites! 

The song title that motivates you for a ride? 
Oh, people think I’m weird about it, but I’m a “no music rider”! 

Your funniest bike story? 
My children say it’s the time we were riding in a trail and while turning, I sprawled and sprained my little finger for some reason that we still don’t know! My husband says it’s always funny when I’m mountain biking because following me downhill is real torture because I keep braking!!!

Élisa Piscollo​​